4 Reasons to Hire a Professional Content Writer


When you run your own business you’re the one who knows the most about your company. You can answer any question about what your business can do, what you’ve done before and what you plan to do in the future. 

While you may know your business inside and out — can you convey it with clarity and confidence on your website?

Not everybody is good at writing and that's okay. Even if you are, can you commit to consistently writing authentic, engaging content that your clients will appreciate? Probably not.

Being an entrepreneur or small business owner means there’s always more to do, and not enough time to do it. Most of the time here at Design Powers, we and our clients get a failing grade when it comes to habitual professional writing. We can suggest, cajole or even pester, but ultimately it’s up to our clients to decide they won’t do it.

That’s why lots of business owners delegate certain tasks to freelance contractors who specialize in providing valuable time-saving services like content writing.

You might know every single useful piece of information about your industry, but if you can’t string together a coherent sentence then your readers aren’t going to want to hear what you have to say.

If you’re going to start a new website, rebrand your business, or write a blog on an ongoing basis then it’s worth your time to invest in some quality online content. The best way to get content that fits your company’s needs is to hire a professional content writer.

Your content is the core of your online sales pitch so it’s important that people read your content and want to work with you. If your content isn’t up to standards then they’re not going to put their trust in your company.

By hiring a professional content writer you’ll be able to own content that will capture the hearts of your audience and show them who you really are as a company. Remember, first impressions are everything for attracting potential clients. Here are our top 4 reasons why your first impressions should be carefully crafted by a skilled writer.

Bad writing looks unprofessional

If you write your copy and it’s full of bad grammar, spelling mistakes and poorly crafted sentences, it could make people give short-shrift to the integrity of your services.

Bad copy comes across as unprofessional and will make your company look as if it’s neglecting its online presence — which can cause you to lose points with any potential new clients. Why should they put their faith in you to solve their problems if you can’t even look after your own business?

This is why it’s so important to have unique, engaging content on your website. Content that is grammatically correct, easy to read, free from spelling mistakes and relevant to your audience will help you bring in more clients.

The better your content is, the more engaged your visitors will be and make them want to convert to paying clients.

It can be difficult to write timely content yourself and you might not know where to start. This is completely understandable and nothing to be ashamed of, but if you want your content to shine on your website then you need to invest in a professional content writer who will choose the right words for your audience and craft high quality writing.

Cut the jargon and connect

The majority of your audience reading your website won’t be clued into what’s happening in your industry. They don't know as much as you do — which is why going on and on about every single small detail of your product or service isn’t going to sit well with your potential clients.

If a typical reader doesn’t understand what you’re writing about, they’re probably going to stop reading and click to a competitors’ site or head to Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter for diversion.

Quality content that’s easy to understand will help you connect with the interests of readers without drowning them in jargon.

A dedicated content writer has the skills to take a meaty subject and present it as clearly to your audience. This means your readers will understand exactly what you’re all about without getting confused over any industry-specific terminology.

Professional content writers get results

Content writers aren’t just good at writing. They are masters of persuasion and are the perfect weapon to have in your arsenal when it comes to getting clients.

They will produce content for your site that will help you climb the search engines, attract more visitors to your site and ultimately, get you more clients. 

Your content’s main goal is to convince your audience to take action on your website. You want them to either make an appointment with you or buy your product/service. 

You need your content to convince your potential clients that you’re the one for them. In order to get this sort of response from your audience, you need a writer who can evoke an emotional response from their writing, get your site’s visitors excited about your company and give them a serious case of FOMO (fear of missing out).

If your content bores your audience and fails to persuade them to take action, then it’s simply not doing its job. Content that doesn’t contain an element of emotion within it can often fall flat when read by your audience and it’ll also fail at bringing more life into your brand online.

A professional content writer will be able to communicate what sets you apart from the rest of the companies in your industry and help you create that emotional connection with your audience.

Profesh content writers improve your SEO

Professional content writers optimize your content for search engines. They can help your website make its way to the top of Google. And help you persuade all that lovely new traffic to hire you.

Consistent content creation is one of the most popular and effective ways of boosting SEO (search engine optimization). The more fresh valuable content you add to your website, the more traffic your site will generate.

Content writers know exactly how to lock in on your target audience’s keyword searches so people can find you website easier. 72% of marketers say that relevant content creation was a major key to their success.

An experienced website content writer can help you implement a strategy that will keep your content updated and help you rank in search engines.

It may take some time to find the perfect content writer to join your team but when you do they’ll be the perfect addition to your company. At Design Powers, we’ve got a team of content specialists ready to help you add value to your brand online.

Your content is a direct reflection of your business. Strong copywriting can make or break you. If you think your website isn’t performing to its full potential, we’ve created the Power Plan to help small business owners like you figure out exactly what their business needs and create an actionable plan to get started.

Do you think there are any points we missed in this blog? Let us know your thoughts in the comments!




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