Breaking up is hard to do. 在你说“结束了”之前,确保你的网站上写着“救救我,我已经严重过时了。!”. 

Remember, every relationship needs nurturing and love. And your website is no different.

如果你的网站已经有两三年的历史了,有一段时间没人看了, there’s a strong chance your design, development and copy need some work.


1. Your website looks old fashioned and out of date


你有几秒钟的时间来吸引你的观众,满足他们的期望. 如果你的网站看起来或感觉不专业,很明显是过时的,访问者只会继续浏览.

Be honest. Look at your competitors websites and ask yourself the question; Does my website look as good as theirs? 然后询问同事、朋友甚至客户的想法. Don’t be embarrassed! It’s simply time to update.

There are many professionals who are here to help. 找一个有经验的网页设计师,开发人员和/或文案进行网站审核. 他们会告诉你需要做些什么来实现你的网站目标.


2. It offers a poor user experience or has technical errors

没有什么比很难找到内容更能让访问者更快地点击后退按钮了, links that don’t work or difficulty navigating a website. 

你的网站的目的是为访问者提供一切他们需要作出明智的购买决定. People are searching for answers. If it’s a struggle to find them they’ll look elsewhere. 

Explore your site on different browsers and devices. Look at your site from a visitors perspective. 你希望新客户去哪里,你希望他们做什么? 

Is the user experience too hard? Could it be easier? 万博manbetx手机版登陆用户在访问网站时发现哪些功能有用的更多信息,请阅读manbetx手机登录界面的帖子 seven website features people value.

3. Low number of visitors

Analytics can tell you a lot about your website. 网站的高回弹率或低参与度是一个明显的迹象,表明你的文案或设计没有发挥作用.

Pay attention to data and user analytics. Use Google Analytics to measure your websites performance. There’s always room for improvement!

4. 它没有响应性:它不能在手机和平板电脑上正常工作

适应不同屏幕尺寸的网站被称为“响应式”网站。. If your website isn’t responsive it needs to be updated. 

Google prioritizes mobile experience for their ranking criteria, 所以如果你想让你的网站在移动搜索结果中接近第一页的话, your website needs to be responsive! 

谷歌现在非常重视响应式手机设计,他们提供了一个 mobile-friendly tool for people to check the responsiveness of their website. Type your domain in to check your website. 查看manbetx手机登录界面的博客文章,了解更多万博manbetx手机版登陆为什么你的网站需要响应 here.

5. Low ranking for your most important keywords



始终使用良好的文字,丰富的关键字,适用于你的业务和行业. 正确标注标题(h1, h2, h3),书写描述性网站和页面标题. Apply meta-tags and clearly label image titles and alt-tags. You can also write longer blog posts (1,500 – 2,500 words).


6. You receive large amounts of spam email or warnings of attack

Online security is a threat to business owners. It’s vital your website is resistant to hackers. 警告信息或来自不熟悉地址的大量电子邮件是明确的危险信号,应该立即采取行动. 

There are lots of steps you can take, like updating your site, 和工具,以确保您的网站安全,免受网络攻击和垃圾邮件, ie: recaptcha. 如果你收到了垃圾邮件,是时候看看并修复你的网站下面发生的事情了.


7. You don’t have a Content Management System (CMS)

Your website should be developed using a CMS. CMS是一种软件,它可以让你和你的团队轻松地更新和管理你网站上的内容,而不需要知道html或css代码. It allows you to edit pages, upload content, 撰写和安排博客文章,并为多个用户提供访问站点的不同权限级别. 

There are lots of CMS’s out there, but we highly recommend Squarespace. It’s user-friendly, has built-in SEO capabilities, responsive design, secure connections (free SSL), online store capabilities, 24/7 award winning support, and has years in the making (founded in 2003).


8. Slow loading pages


事实上,他们的排名更快的页面高于那些缓慢的加载时间. 访问者越来越希望网站以闪电般的速度出现(少于2秒). It’s safe to say your site should load in under 5 seconds.

Use a tool like Google’s Page Speed Insights to test your site speed. 如果主页的加载时间超过3秒-通过良好的宽带连接-这被认为是缓慢的加载时间. 这不是世界末日,但它肯定会让游客望而却步.

The good news is you can do something about it! 优化你的网页图片可以大大提高加载速度. Check and make sure your images are under 500kb. 要执行更多特定于站点的操作,请使用上面列出的谷歌工具.

9. You’re not generating new leads Online

A website should be your best marketing tool, generating new leads, 将访问者转化为买家,并在每天的基础上发展你的业务. If your website isn’t generating any leads, 销售或转换不是它的工作,是时候改变了.

The elements on your website should showcase your services, provide value to visitors, and market your business. Successful sites include well designed landing pages, short contact forms, 在显眼的位置放置行动号召和到最重要页面的有用链接. 

制定一个目标,用吸引人的内容更新你的网站,简化你的用户体验. You need design and copy that converts!

Ready to move on?

Hopefully, 以下是过时网站的关键警告信号和提示,可以帮助你开始改进你的网站. Need Some Help?

Don’t let confusion hold you back. 让manbetx手机登录界面通过一个合法的网站来发展你的生意,为你带来更多的客户和客户.

Great website design is engaging yet easy to navigate. It has a clear purpose, audience, and calls-to-action. It’s responsive and loads fast. It has a unique style, good typography, and high-quality images. 

It has the right words and colors and the right amount. 它是安全的,可靠的,而且不会让你每月都要维护. A good website will establish your credibility, attract your ideal clients, showcase your services, and generate leads that convert. 

A powerful website will sell and market your business for you!

We’re here to help you drive more revenue for your business. Contact us now to get started.




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