艾米丽和我从manbetx手机登录界面的社交媒体魔力开始了2020年! We had three months of posts scheduled 和 were regularly jamming out blog posts of quality content.

但随后COVID来袭, followed by George Floyd's murder 和 the BLM protests several months later, which coincided with the beginning of a hot 和 humid summer here in the Washington DC area.

What was going on in the world 和 right here at home was so much bigger than anything we could write about in a meaningful way.

博客ging about br和ing 和 websites when people are living out desperate lives didn't feel right. manbetx手机登录界面决定休息一下.

九月很快就来了, we were still wary yet knew we had to persevere with our content marketing but we needed some outside inspiration. Several regular graphic design clients had not needed our services because of COVID cancellations, so we didn't have the budget to hire a full-time social media person.


我学会了 Acadium 几年前,它还被称为M世代. In 2019, Gen M rebr和ed to Acadium 和 launched a new platform.

They also incorporated a different pricing structure that felt doable. 我很感兴趣,但不得不承认,我还是支支吾吾. 这是一个值得的努力还是只是一个时间浪费?



Acadium是一个为期三个月的学徒平台, apprentices help mentor’s business projects unpaid as part of their own training. In exchange, the mentor provides feedback 和 guidance to help them improve. 

These are the types of experiences the apprentices are looking for: 社交媒体, 数字营销, 搜索引擎优化, 内容营销, 市场营销, 分析, 付费广告, 电子邮件营销, 网站设计, 平面设计, 公共关系, 文案, Shopify发展, 视频编辑, 和营销自动化.

以下是列出的行业: 市场营销, 电子商务, 广告, 业务manbetx手机登录界面, 科技创业, 旅游和旅行, 通信, 计算机软件, 娱乐, 健康 & 健康, 时尚, 食物, 美容产品, 互联网, 教育, 艺术, 房地产, 健身, 非营利性的, 金融, 摄影, 训练, 酒吧 & 餐厅, 书, 游戏, 播客, 零售, 环境, 电子产品, 电影, 银行, 化妆品, HR & 招聘, 音乐制作, 人权, 营养, 会计, 航空公司, 酒店, 新闻, 职业体育, 风险资本, 私人股本 & 投资公司,汽车,农业,能源 & 自然资源, 生活娱乐, 可替代能源, 政治, 电视, 同性恋群体的权利, 体系结构, 航空航天, 医学, 替代医学, 律师, 保险, 电话公司, 气体 & 石油, 特许经营, 运输, 建设, 农业, 硬件, 邮轮公司, 牙科, 宗教组织, 广播, 纺织品, 对冲基金, 报纸, 赌博 & 赌场, 公用事业公司, 按摩师, 赌场, 国防, 说客, 林业, 枪支, 烟草, 工会, 牲畜, 煤炭开采, 铁路

以下是需要过滤的利益: 市场营销, 业务, 旅行, 技术, 创业, 解决问题, 音乐, 领导, 投资, 健身, 电影, 写作, 艺术, 时尚, 体育, 心理学, 教育, 摄影, 动物, 美, 房地产, 金融, 喜剧, DIY, 编程, 自然, 灵性, 经济学, 卫生保健, 科学, 室内设计, 哲学, 城市, 营养, 小说, 书, 瑜伽, 历史, 性别平等, 非小说类书籍, 运行, 园艺, 武术, 空间, 探索, 政治, 体系结构, 新闻, 能源, 国际象棋, 宗教, 法律, 医学, 名人八卦, 狩猎.

最后,导师可以选择的软件有: 微软办公软件, 微软文字处理软件, Microsoft Excel, 帆布, 谷歌表, WordPress, Adobe Photoshop, 谷歌分析, 脸谱网的广告, 谷歌Adwords, Instagram的见解, 款, Shopify, Adobe Illustrator, Mailchimp的, iMovie, Adobe Premiere, Hootsuite, SEM冲, Square空间, HubSpot的, Final cut pro, Moz, 缓冲, 草图, 槽的数字, 只有, Sendgrid.



The apprentice has weekly meetings with the Acadium advisor 和 gets training in their field of study 和 interest. The mentor receives weekly emails from the advisor as well 和 there is a way to give feedback 和 to get advice. 

I selected c和idates from the US 和 Canada only but there are c和idates from all over the world. I didn't want to navigate a significant time difference or a language barrier.

Also since social media is primarily written content 和 we're marketing to English-speakers it's kind of a no-brainer requirement.

After posting our desired needs, I interviewed three c和idates. Each one had the abilities 和 attributes that were attractive. The Acadium platform makes it very easy to have chats with the c和idates 和 to schedule meetings. Two of the c和idates wound up NOT choosing us 和 one of the c和idates we interviewed we later decided would not be a good fit.


然后manbetx手机登录界面和Jose Frausto谈了谈. His background, personality, 和 interests aligned perfectly with ours. We plotted out what we wanted to focus on 和 how often we wanted to post.

manbetx手机登录界面一直在使用Later来安排Instagram上的帖子, 脸谱网和Pinterest, but switched to 缓冲 to give us more functionality with our Linkedin业务page.

Each week we had a 90-minute zoom meeting to discuss the goals for the upcoming week 和 communicated through our team Slack channel.

Jose also has some graphic design skills which we put to good use. He generated graphics in Illustrator 和 Adobe Spark then scheduled them to Instagram.

It was very helpful that he was a self-starter 和 didn't mind digging deep to bring insights that we didn't consider. 他也在阿卡迪姆接受过大量训练, his current full-time job 和 his past education 和 experience.


manbetx手机登录界面有机地发展了 Instagram 在140年的追随者. manbetx手机登录界面建立了自己的设计能力 Linkedin业务page with content 和 gained 113 followers (we hadn't had one prior too) 和 finally added much-needed content to our 脸谱网 page.

Jose also gave Emily 和 me the needed inspiration that I mentioned we so sorely needed. 这可能是最好的结果了.

manbetx手机登录界面会想念何塞的. He's seeking more opportunities to flex his digital marketing 和 paid traffic acumen. 也许manbetx手机登录界面会讲到那一点,但manbetx手机登录界面还没有到那一步.

我问何塞,他是否愿意写一篇万博manbetx手机版登陆他学徒生涯的文章. 请继续阅读下面的文章,谢谢你何塞!



My name is Jose Frausto, a BA Multimedia graduate, who has a passion for digital marketing. 在阿卡迪姆学习的时候, we were connected with mentors who were in need of a digital marketing apprentice, 和 that is how I began my 90-day apprenticeship with 万博manbetx手机版登陆.

I was tasked with social media growth (organic 和 paid) across a multitude of social media platforms Linkedin, Instagram, 和脸谱网. 虽然manbetx手机登录界面还没到付费环节. I was able to get a taste of what it takes to be a social media coordinator assistant.

I created a social media content calendar to consistently curate content that will nurture their growth 和 establish 万博manbetx手机版登陆 as an expert in their field of web design 和 digital strategy 和 bring in organic traffic to their social media channels.

对于我的导师伊芙琳和艾米丽,我能说些什么呢... I am thankful for the opportunity to be able to work with this wonderful duo. They were very receptive to my ideas 和 provided me with insight into how things would work from a design 和 marketing st和point.

I was able to see the bridge of my design experience with my newly found passion for digital marketing in a nurturing environment 和 for that, 我很感激这次很棒的学习经历.

I'm also thankful to the Acadium for creating a platform that connects inspiring digital marketers with mentors like 万博manbetx手机版登陆 to cultivate 和 allow us to gain meaningful experience. 而我在设计力量的工作已经结束了, 我进入数字营销世界的旅程才刚刚开始!





一个私人教练重新启动她的小公司品牌 & 网站在2020年