你准备好重塑品牌了吗? manbetx手机登录界面做了! (第二部分)


What you can expect when you hire a professional stylist, 摄影师, 发型师和化妆师.

manbetx手机登录界面重塑品牌的第一部分强调了万博manbetx手机版登陆家庭办公的转变,这一转变如滚雪球般变成了WHENR! WHENR你问? 读到 第一部分在这里. In part two, Ev n’ Em transform into Supah Models!


manbetx手机登录界面一直想重做manbetx手机登录界面的网站,自从Squarespace(manbetx手机登录界面使用的网站建设者)在2019年底将其平台从版本7升级到版本7.1. Our website had only been online for six months so it was much too soon to redo it. Then the worldwide p和emic took hold 和 rebr和ing was the least of our concerns.

2021年夏天,在vax病毒爆发后和delta病毒爆发前的三个月里,人们对不戴口罩持乐观态度. Since we’re redoing 该网站 why not do what we always recommend to our 客户端s? 定制品牌摄影!

在manbetx手机登录界面的第一个网站上,manbetx手机登录界面与一位才华横溢的人像摄影师一起拍摄了专业的头像 丽莎Damico BUT this time we wanted to go ALL-IN for our br和 photos—hire a fashion stylist, 去做头发和化妆, 和 do multiple shoots in the newly refreshed 万博manbetx手机版登陆 office space, on location 和 in a professional photography studio.



作为一名平面设计师,我对重塑品牌的第一个想法是“Logo,颜色,类型”!然后我深吸了一口气,说:“站住,Ev,别急着说。. 你为什么 真的 想重做你的网站?“是的,前面提到的.1 issues but actually, it went deeper than that.


通过manbetx手机登录界面的经验, manbetx手机登录界面意识到,manbetx手机登录界面真的很喜欢与拥有坚定信念的行业领袖合作, 一个奇异值比其他任何东西都重要,或者想要开始他们的 自己的 business or rebr和 the successful business they started.

一旦manbetx手机登录界面确定了理想的客户,manbetx手机登录界面的品牌和信息就不再代表manbetx手机登录界面. manbetx手机登录界面需要manbetx手机登录界面的视觉和书面内容是激光聚焦,以发展一个强大的品牌识别.






The colors in our previous website were golden yellow, fuschia 和 vermilion red 和 were based on our br和 value of “approachable.”

manbetx手机登录界面以manbetx手机登录界面为基础的小企业的目标市场是相同的,但在定位和信念方面更加明确. 现在manbetx手机登录界面在和领导人交谈, experts 和 action-takers 和 adding more strategic value, manbetx手机登录界面需要一个更复杂的调色板.

Top:旧品牌颜色 底部:新品牌颜色


We switched out the yellow 和 fuschia for a deep teal 和 warm coral, 增加了青铜色,但保留了炭灰色. manbetx手机登录界面的主要品牌颜色,使用了超过15年,从朱红调整到朱红橙色. We wanted some cross-over as we didn’t want to redo all our blog graphics.


上图:冬季面板  底部:秋天调色板


A couple of years ago, Emily won a color analysis from 颜色之家的梅拉尼·卡洛斯. 艾米丽觉得如果manbetx手机登录界面一起做会很有趣所以我也预约了.

After Melany’s extensive color analysis process we learned that Emily is a 冬天 和我是一个 秋天. manbetx手机登录界面都买了颜色合适的口红,梅兰妮给了manbetx手机登录界面每个人一个钱包,里面装着manbetx手机登录界面用来买衣服的色块, 化妆, 配件, 等.



manbetx手机登录界面已经知道 三通莱特 好几年了. She’s delightful 和 becoming an accomplished stylist. She recently went from making it a side hustle to her full-time business. I’m 真的 impressed with her professionalism 和 was eager to support her.



First, we met via Zoom 和 discussed our style goals 和 timeline. We gave her our measurements 和 put together a mood board guide (下载pdf),上面有manbetx手机登录界面各自的颜色、各自喜欢和不喜欢的时尚风格的截图,以及可能的姿势.

I included jackets I already 自己的ed should Tee think any of them could work. 她没有. 我还买了一双我以前只穿过一次的靴子,我想也许也能穿. 三通说“是的!”

购物w /三通

购物w /三通

Tee has relationships with several local stores. 她可以借衣服和配饰,也可以自己买——manbetx手机登录界面将两者结合.

After she got three looks together for both Em 和 me, 她来我家试衣,manbetx手机登录界面试穿了所有的衣服(这是上面视频的第一个片段). Emily liked all three outfits 和 I liked two of the ensembles.

那周晚些时候, t和我在市中心见了最后一面,那时我买了一套非常适合我的塔哈里古铜色西装! 这种情况多久发生一次?!

After lots of visual strategizing, both of our three outfits were complete. t恤不仅对服装造型有很大的帮助,而且对摄影师拍摄的每一张照片的姿势和定位都有很大的帮助.

The 摄影师, 发型师和化妆师

Tee, Nicole 和 Phrenchie in the DP office

Tee, Nicole 和 Phrenchie in the DP office.

A nice perk with hiring Tee is she works with a team of pros. 首先,摄影师 Phelan马克 whose work I got to know when I was involved in 敬畏这是我联合创办的一个网络组织.

费伦偶尔会拍摄DC分会的会议(Tee是负责人),并总是设法让manbetx手机登录界面看起来很好,这对一群健谈的人来说并不容易, gesticulating women business 自己的ers drinking wine 和 laughing after hours!

从那以后,我一直在脸谱网上关注他的作品,认为他是华盛顿最好的摄影师之一. 我把他推荐给了一个 客户端 费伦彻底颠覆了它. Both he 和 Tee have easy-going personalities—calming 和 reassuring.

Tee带来了Phrenchie PHRENCHmade头发manbetx手机登录界面 和妮可 斯蒂尔美丽,化妆师. Both Phrenchie 和 Nicole were good listeners, patient 和 did a phenomenal job.

They showed up at my house before 5 am with a smile, even though both live across the Potomac River, 然后在7月华氏90度的天气里在乔治敦帮忙,确保艾米丽和我看起来不会融化... 这是奉献!

Without them, we would’ve had to spend many more hours on post-processing. With them, we barely had to touch up in Photoshop!

It takes a village 和 a big clip on the back of my jeans.

It takes a village 和 a big clip on the back of my jeans.

Getting the shots is a lot of work 和 str等hing.

Getting “the shots” is a lot of work 和 str等hing.


最初, we were only going to shoot in my office here in Arlington, VA 和 then go to a professional photography studio in Alex和ria, VA. 但我越想越觉得, 我就越想在manbetx手机登录界面身后拍阿林顿的天际线和基桥. 我还想拍几张manbetx手机登录界面在乔治敦的照片. 幸运的是,Tee等人. 是game-thank善良.

It was hot outside 和 although we’d started shooting early (7:30 am), manbetx手机登录界面到城里的时候, it was after 11 am 和 getting hotter by the minute. We used the sunlight strategically but sought the shade often. Nicole和Phrenchie在上面. Dabbing, spraying 和 applying—whatever it took to beat back the sheen!

Despite the heat, the outdoor location lifestyle photos were some of our favorites. Not that we didn’t love the office shots too, 但是拥有一套能够在视觉上代表你的业务的专业形象是很有价值的.

Last location for the day: professional photography studio in Alex和ria, VA.

Last location for the day: professional photography studio in Alex和ria, VA.


在拍摄最后的镜头时,manbetx手机登录界面告别了Phrenchie和Nicole,前往一个有空调的摄影棚. Em put on an ethereal dance playlist which set the relaxed tone.

We got some 真的 good shots of each of us alone 和 together. By this time, our energies were definitely fading. 这是漫长的一天. There is only so much smiling one can do before your face starts hurting! There also wasn’t time to break for breakfast or lunch, manbetx手机登录界面有心理准备吗, 但还是饿了!

在事后看来, 我希望我能在工作室里做些更彻底的事情,但要在构思和清理我的办公室和房子之间, 该网站, 的文字内容, 客户端工作, 等. 不可避免地会有一些未解决的问题.




It was a wonderful 和 productive day 和 totally worthwhile. 为你的网站和市场营销拥有高质量的专业形象对你的业务和品牌是有价值的.


拍摄结束后,费伦分享了他的SmugMug,manbetx手机登录界面有850张照片可供选择. We got it d自己的 to twenty definites, many of which are on our new website.

乔治敦大学的主意不错, as these photos are at the top of our home page 和 services page. We also chose an additional fifteen images to purchase for social media marketing.

Overall, I’m incredibly pleased we did this. It was a lot of coordination, not to mention the expense. 但现在manbetx手机登录界面的新网站上线了, I can 真的 see the difference in having custom photography throughout.


manbetx手机登录界面现在都被图像淹没了,所以库存的照片和插图已经不被理解了, 而且感觉被过度使用了. 潜在客户需要了解你是谁, 你什么, 和 what you believe…自己的ing your conviction.

下个月再来看看manbetx手机登录界面重塑品牌系列的第三部分,manbetx手机登录界面将讨论重新设计manbetx手机登录界面的标志和网站. manbetx手机登录界面希望你喜欢manbetx手机登录界面的重塑品牌之旅,它激发了你自己的在线形象的想法, what you’re putting out into the world personally 和 business-wise 和 why. manbetx手机登录界面都在进步中.

请留下评论或提问... 希望得到你的反馈!





你准备好重塑品牌了吗? manbetx手机登录界面做了! (第三部分)


你准备好重塑品牌了吗? manbetx手机登录界面做了! (第一部分)