Why A Good Logo Is Important For Your Small Business

Stephanie Mitchell Fitness通过创造吸引她理想客户的产品来最大化她的标志的效用,并正在建立一个充满活力和声音的倡导者部落, fans and clients. This is a foundation of a strong brand and her logo plays a starring role.

Stephanie Mitchell Fitness通过创造吸引她理想客户的产品来最大化她的标志的效用,并正在建立一个充满活力和声音的倡导者部落, fans and clients. This is a foundation of a strong brand and her logo plays a starring role.

Let’s get a few things straight: your logo and your website is not your brand. Your brand is a culmination of the experience, perception and reputation that people have of your services. Branding is the actions taken to build your brand (strategy). 品牌标识是你的品牌的有形表达(标识、字体、颜色等).

But that said, your logo is important to your business because it communicates ownership, quality, and values. It’s imprinted on your products, your business card, website, social media, and most importantly, in the minds of your clients.

你的标志很可能是人们与你的公司的第一次互动,这是你做一个坚实的机会 first impression, show you deliver a quality service, and visually express your purpose.

What are the various types of logos?

Design Powers logo is a combination mark.

Design Powers logo is a combination mark.

The term “logo” generally refers to all the marks that represent your brand. There are five different kinds of logos. A wordmark that compromises a standalone word or words like FedEx or Coca-Cola. 只包含一个字母或缩写的字母标记:两个C代表Chanel, A代表Adobe. 有一个标志只包含一个符号:想想耐克(Nike)或Mac产品的苹果(apple).

Then there is an emblem: that is a wordmark, lettermark, 或在设计中必不可少的形状内的标志:哈雷戴维森摩托车或NHL标志就是很好的例子. 最后一种是包含符号+字标记或字母+字标记的组合标记.

因为Design Powers是一家小公司,没有即时的品牌认知度,所以manbetx手机登录界面设计了 our business logo as a combination mark. 它允许在社交媒体上使用图标,允许在其他地方使用favicons和文字标记.

What makes a good logo?

一个好的标志是一个与你的行业或manbetx手机登录界面相匹配的标志. If you’re a professional services business (vs. a product) usually simpler is better. manbetx手机登录界面经常为客户设计文字标志或印刷标志,这是他们真正需要的.

它的设计方式就是让你与众不同,并培养品牌忠诚度. How? It has meaning built within it. Why? Because your businesses’ belief system, core values, purpose, mission, and vision are what your brand is built around. It’s what people remember and tells their friends about; not your logo.

No one really 关心你的logo(除了图形设计师,或者那些有设计眼光的人). 人们真正关心的是他们对你的manbetx手机登录界面的体验和你的品牌所倡导的东西. 好的设计不仅在表面上看起来很专业,它还意味着一些更深层次的东西. 

斯蒂芬妮米切尔健身使用她的标志,她的品牌颜色和字体统一她的沟通. This is the masthead for her weekly email marketing.

斯蒂芬妮米切尔健身使用她的标志,她的品牌颜色和字体统一她的沟通. This is the masthead for her weekly email marketing.

Why does your business need a logo?


It tells potential clients who you are, what you do, and how that benefits them. 它传达给那些对你的业务没有任何知识或经验的人,你做得很好.

If your logo looks unprofessional, 人们无疑会质疑你能否很好地提供你的产品和manbetx手机登录界面. 你是否曾经仅仅因为一家公司看起来更合法而选择它? People make snap judgments and poor design makes people leave.

Create a strong logo to stand out to consumers, ensure they remember your brand, and cultivate positive associations with you. 标志与人们的记忆和情感有着深刻的象征联系.

Let’s take a quick look at Nike for example. The swoosh is just a swoosh. But, manbetx手机登录界面与这个象征的联系与他们通过跑步让世界变得更美好的愿景有关. That powerful idea defined their brand and their logo communicates that, empowering their business to thrive. Over time and with lots of consistent brand marketing, your logo should do the same for your business.

Invest in your logo design. It’s what matters most for increasing your credibility and pulling consumers in.

How do you create a good logo?

一个小型企业的标志需要清晰、容易理解,以快速地与你的受众建立联系. 保持你的logo简单是很重要的,这样它就可以在多种媒体平台上工作,在任何尺寸上都有效.

Unlike large companies, 大多数小品牌都没有多年的品牌认知度,也没有庞大的营销预算来帮助消费者了解你的业务. 所以,你的logo需要在瞬间清楚地传达你是谁,你在做什么.

从概念到推出,当你把你的品牌煮沸到一个单一的标志时,有很多要考虑的. However, a great small business logo only needs three things: great typography, simple colors, and a strong visual element. Check out our logos designs - most tend towards simplicity and bold colors but not all.

Choose typography that represents your values

字体的选择和排列方式和颜色的使用一样重要, images, or graphics in creating a logo and brand. Why? 因为人们把一个词的外观和它的实际表达联系起来,从而决定他们的感受.

Strong branding provokes emotional connection. 你希望你的排版吸引人,促进信任,鼓励乐观. 排版是一种激发这种感觉的方式,人们甚至没有意识到它.

Typography is used to communicate the tone of voice and personality. 选择能反映公司立场的字体——是否优雅, traditional, whimsical, modern.

与家具相似,字体设计应该在美观的同时具有功能性. Your choice of typography matters because it impacts user experience.

Make sure your company name is clear and legible. Consider how your logo will be used: your logo could appear on screens, business cards, letterheads, signage, and packaging just to name a few. It needs to be readable from a distance and up close. 如果你的logo有图形元素,请确保你的字体与图标保持平衡.

Ask yourself, does my typography achieve an effective level of representation, communication, and visual appeal? If your answer wasn’t a definite yes, it may be time for a rebrand.

Pick colors wisely

你的标志的颜色将决定它如何被感知,并有力量驱动购买决定. Color triggers emotions and gives meaning. And when used consistently across your marketing, color improves brand recognition by up to 80%.

The right colors depend on your industry and target market. You probably noticed that certain industries stick with certain colors. For example, 金融机构倾向于使用蓝色,因为蓝色传达安全性和可靠性. Brands use blue to promote trust in their products and services.

根据你想让消费者体验的感觉和你想让他们采取的行动来选择你的颜色. Take into consideration human psychology, culture, trends, and context.

Your brand color should tell a story. 它应该传达你的价值观,并且足够独特,不会与你所在空间的其他人混淆.

最强大的品牌坚持一个简单的调色板少于三种主色. They also use solid colors rather than gradients. Keep in mind color looks different on screen and in print. Make sure you can reproduce your colors accurately (Pantone, CMYK, RGB, Hex).

Use a simple iconic element

Although 72% of the best brand names are made up of words or acronyms, those names create an image in someone’s mind using typography. The same can be done with graphic elements, symbols, and icons.

A visual element adds interest and makes your logo memorable. It has to grab the attention of a consumer for 10 seconds to they can memorize it and form an opinion about it.

有些设计师通过修改文本或添加一个可以在特定情况下单独使用的带插图的图标来实现这一点. Make sure all the artwork is original and not from clip art. Over time and with consistent use, a visual association will develop.

Stephanie Mitchell Fitness的Instagram feed在她的帖子上一直使用她的标志,在她工作室的后墙上有一个大标志,所以这在她的所有社交媒体上都是一致的和可识别的视觉效果.

Stephanie Mitchell Fitness的Instagram feed在她的帖子上一直使用她的标志,在她工作室的后墙上有一个大标志,所以这在她的所有社交媒体上都是一致的和可识别的视觉效果.

Your logo is the visual foundation of your brand identity

Design matters and you do need it! Especially if you want people to give you money and tell the world about you. When you invest in your branding, you empower your small business to thrive.

Have a question about branding or logo design? Write a comment below! Need a professional logo designed for your small biz? Get in touch. View some of our logo designs here.




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