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Amber Bullock of AElise Designs is an award-winning interior designer in the Washington DC region who specializes in beautiful, customized kitchen 和 bathroom remodels. Her primary target market is people over the age of 50 who want to make their space more suited to their current or future life situation. We worked with her to design 和 build a professional website that showcases her work 和 promotes her unique manbetx手机登录界面.


AElise Designs had a web page that was hastily put up when Amber won a prestigious design award 和 was featured in Home & Design magazine. 后 a year of trying to make her site work she contacted us.

She needed content writing using the appropriate industry keywords, a versatile logo 和 finally, a professional website that would convey her accreditations, manbetx手机登录界面, 和 current 和 past projects to her potential clientele. It also needed to be on an easy to manage platform because Amber didn’t want to feel angst when she needed to update her site.

We started out writing the website content for her target market of people over 50 who are looking to redesign their bathroom or kitchen for immediate accessibility needs or future-proofing their spaces to avoid being forced to move to assisted living or nursing facilities.

We designed a custom logo, 品牌的颜色, 和 typography that aligns perfectly with her design style 和 creates the foundational visual consistencies.

We created her content to validate her experience as an accomplished designer in her field 和 through the use of repeated CTA’s (calls to action), we entice her website visitors to contact Amber for a consultation. We edited existing photography 和 set up a project portfolio that she can easily add more content 和 visuals too.

AElise Designs finally has a website that truly reflects her seasoned interior design skills, her gorgeous portfolio of projects 和 addresses the problems her target market has.

调色板 & 排版

For AElise Designs we chose an indigo blue, rich turquoise, light pearl, 和 slate gray. Indigo is associated with depth, expertise, elegance, 和 stability. Turquoise communicates joy, creativity, 和 compassion. The light pearl is a subtle neutral with a touch of warmth. Slate gray is a timeless color that communicates sophistication 和 quietude. This color palette is refined 和 compliments the sophisticated textures, materials 和 palettes Amber uses in her interiors.

manbetx手机登录界面选择Lato, a sans serif typeface designed specifically to be read on the web—perfect for designers. We used it for large headlines 和 body copy. We also use Magneta, a serif typeface with a lot of varied weights 和 very readable italicized used for sub headers 和 testimonials. This combination creates a nice balance between modern 和 tradition.


The thinking behind AElise Designs logo was to create a singular mark that she could use as a signature on plans, 作为一个微妙的, repeatable background pattern 和 to watermark her custom photography, all of which is taken by her professional photographer husb和 Jerry Bullock.

The A st和s for Amber 和 the E for Elise-which is not only Amber’s middle name, but an hommage to Amber’s aunt who was very dear to her.

We used a serif face to convey elegance 和 sophistication-two things that Amber 和 her design solutions has in spades. Small caps is used so people underst和 her name is pronounce “Ay Ee lise.”

The turquoise AE monogram is at once modern with a beautiful, optimistic turquoise traditional in that it’s reminiscent of wax seals used back in the day. These elements combined with the sans serif tagline create a versatile logo mark with different size variations for use in social media 和 print collateral.


The secondary stacked logo.

The secondary stacked logo.


之前 & 后

Move h和le left (after) to right (before).





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